WOMEN – Jan 29-31 2016  Register

MEN – Feb 19-21 2016  Register

WOMEN – April 1-3 2016 Register

WOMEN – July 6-7 2016, NBC Church Register

WOMEN – May 13-15 2016 Register

MEN – June 24-26 2016 The Outpost, Morgan City Register

WOMEN – July 22-24 2016 Register

MEN – Aug 12-14 2016 Roseland Refuge, Vidalia Register

WOMEN – November 13-15 2016 Register

REGISTRATION PROCESS: Please click on “Register” and fill-out the Profile.  Please note that it may take 45 minutes or longer to fill out the Profile.  Wait until you have uninterrupted time to fill it out.  Please be honest and answer “from the heart.”  Do not answer the questions to impress or sound spiritual. The more honest you are, the better the weekend will be for you.

At the end of the Profile there is a button to submit the Profile.  Once your Profile has been received, you will be contacted to confirm your registration status.  You will then be sent other important information to prepare for the weekend or workshop.

Pure Heart Weekend  $245
Pastor’s Pure Heart Workshop  $795

All Retreats will be held at a variety of venues, the location changing month to month.  Some of these weekends will be out of town, so please read carefully the information out beside each month.

When the retreat is out of town, we will spend the night at the retreat home.  Registration & Start Time on those retreats will be postponed later to 2:00 pm.

The Registration Fee can be paid upon arrival for your event.  Make checks payable to “Restore One.”

Any questions can be emailed to Carter at

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