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Pure Heart Weekend is our flagship ministry. This retreat is designed to be about six-months worth of discipleship-counseling in one weekend. The goal of the weekend is three-fold:

Identity realized(out of shame and into our union with Christ)
Freedom restored (out of entanglements and into the freedom Christ bought for us)
Intimacy renewed (out of false intimacy or the fear of true intimacy and into a new closeness with God)

We begin on Friday evening and end on Sunday morning before noon. Each participant fills out a two-page questionnaire before the weekend, as an aid to help us understand each one’s issues and needs before arrival. We spend Friday helping people get out of their “Sunday-School Heads,” as we thinkingmancall it, and to re-discover their hearts. We help people to call forth their story, helping them identify and recall the events in life that “killed” their spirit, and stole the strength of their hearts. On Saturday, we help each person identify their strongest “flesh pattern” based on their responses to life’s hurts and upsets. Instead of constantly teaching and talking about freedom, on this retreat people actually find new freedom, and renew their minds in regard to these hurts and upsets, and come out walking in a new strength from The Holy Spirit. Saturday includes a good bit of praying, dialogue, confessing, forgiving and renouncing. Sunday morning has a powerful ending to the weekend, with a unique exercise to highlight the fierceness of spiritual warfare. We end with a special ceremony in which participants receive a new calling and vision of the Holy Spirit’s leading in their lives. We call people to walk out of their past and into the newness of life in Christ.


This particular retreat is offered in formats for Men Only and Women Only; however, it would also be a great retreat for a Leadership Board (Board of Elders, Deacons, Ministry Leaders) to strengthen their understanding of each other and their love for one another, and to unite their hearts for greater ministry together. As in the Book of Acts, the fruitfulness of the ministry broke out when the people loved one another. And this is our goal: Love from a Pure Heart . . . (I Tim 1:5)

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2 thoughts on “Pure Heart Weekend

  1. These weekends sound great. We all need to let go of our past and embrace the future that the Lord intended for us all along. A friend of mine, Caleb Palmer, went to one of your weekend retreats and he highly recommends them.

    • Hi Dale,
      Thanks for your compliment. You are so right. The Lord Jesus “bought” us a new future, but if we hang on to the past, we will never have what He bought us. Maybe we will see you one weekend. God Bless!