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Carter grew up in Texas, but lives now in the Baton Rouge area.  He began evangelism and discipleship ministries by the age of 19.  He pastored for 13 years after seminary, resigning in 1998 because of moral failure.  Moral failure:  those words sound so sterile and clean.  Truth is, Carter failed outrageously in life.

Then Carter entered counseling for several years.  After counseling, he spent several more years quietly resting in the things God had taught him, and being established in the righteousness of a new identity  (Isa 54:14).  Carter was removed from any kind of formal ministry for nine years while he did his work. With his retreats and this blog, he offers help for you to start your work, too.

This ministry is the result of God’s restoration work in Carter’s life. Therefore, his qualifications to write this blog and lead retreats are two-fold: 1) he has failed so painfully in life that his story finally defeated him; 2) but he cried out to God Who answered him and showed him great and mighty things he did not know (Jer 33:3).

All great and mighty spiritual discoveries come from a deep inner journey, a journey rooted in dialogue.  Carter found his deepest transformation through dialogue with God.

He wants to help you find yours.  God wants to have a conversation with you.


Restore One is a ministry of Retreats, Group Work, Training Workshops and Counseling.  Our goal is to mentor breakthrough and freedom to Believers for greater spiritual maturity by making changes at the level of Identity.

The ministries of Restore One are designed to be a complement to the teaching and training ministries of any church; however, we present a dimension of Discipleship Training and Leadership Development that addresses not just the delivery of spiritual information, but the experience of spiritual transformation that exposes emotional immaturity, breaks the power of old strongholds, and gives an individualized, new vision from God for maturity.

Each of the ministries of Restore One is based on a training we call IDENTITY-BASED TRANSFORMATION, and it addresses:

  • the obvious painfulness of life and what it does to our interior condition;
  • the shame-based identity that we adopt because of that pain;
  • the flesh-patterns that we develop to protect and provide for ourselves;
  • the false-self that we present and promote to hide our shame;
  • the power of feedback, dialogue with God, and listening-prayer;
  • the transformation at the level of Identity, by the Love of the Father, the Grace of the Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit-taught truth. (Eph 1:17-18; 2 Cor 13:14)

On his journey, Carter discovered that he was completely unaware of his “blind-spot,” his shame-based identity, and the false self he created as a pastor to hide behind. Out of his discoveries, his life changed at the level of identity, and Carter came to discover the power of Identity-based transformation. The pain and healing of his own journey makes him uniquely qualified to speak to the issues of strongholds and shame in both the individual person’s life as a disciple and leader, and in the life and culture of a church.



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